Saturday, 24 May 2014

                                             PRAYER    IN    ACTION  

How often have we heard these words ; pray, pray.  Words spoken to the world by JESUS CHRIST , and repeated down the centuries by our Blessed Mother, right up to this present day.  Why then this great need for prayer.  Firstly it brings us in direct contact with God, and with the citizens of heaven.  At Mass, by our prayers we praise, glorify, and give thanks to God.  In prayer we plead to God for many things, the sick, the holy souls, welfare of our children, our financial status.  Most important , to pray for the salvation of all souls.  The greatest example of prayer in action was in the upper room in Jerusalem where our holy mother and the apostles were gathered.  So intense was their prayer, when the Holy Spirit ascended on them  they were aflame with love and passion for God our Savour.  They could have remained in that state forever, but that would not have served the purpose it was meant to.  With new found courage, they went out among the crowd, spreading this good news everywhere they went.  Continuing the work that Jesus had been preparing them for, during His three year ministry with them.  With the establishment of the church, this work continues to this day. 

The function of prayer is the same now as it was in the apostles time.  Strength to go about our lives upholding Gods name, defence of our church and fight more vigorously against all evils.  Our prayers would bear much fruit, when in any company , to express Gods love and mercy for all souls.  Make time to talk about God every day in your homes especially with your children as this is a grave responsibility laid upon you.  It is important to learn more about our church and its role in todays modern world. The church must outline, in simple language , what it is   offering for the salvation of its flock. The spiritual protection of  our children and  promotion of some of the older traditions is sorely needed in our parishes today. Such as asking God openly to bless everyone we meet.  Mass is a wonderful  and joyous celebration to our God.  In grateful thanks for the offer of eternal life to all who want it.  It is important the celebrants, by their actions, convey to the people the reality of what is taking place on the altar.  To readers they must be passionate in their presentation and firmly believe in what they are reading.  To hold the Creator of all life, encompassed in the holy host is totally awesome and all eucharistic ministers should respond in kind.  Devotional  reverence is necessary by everyone at mass.  The beginning of almost everything usually sets the tone for what is to follow.  Perhaps the way we begin mass needs to be addressed, Unfortunately we human beings exist in a time frame.  With God time does not exist.  He judges on what we do, not in the time it takes us.  So it appears we have relegated God to a back seat and replaced Him with many new Gods, who demand our time, devotion and emotion, the idols of this world.  If this is our choice and truth be told, to continue in this way, the human race is heading towards its own ruin.  The decline of our faith can be measured thus.  Seventy years ago ninety out of every hundred homes was dominated by pictures of the Sacred Heart now less than five do.  The rapid decline of the priesthood in the western world.  The ritual of family prayer and the teaching about Jesus Christ is non existent in most catholic homes of today.  This is very serious.  If we fail to tell our children about God, where then does our future lie.  For me it appears little or no action or sense of urgency is forthcoming from our churches’  The status quo seems to be acceptable.  As in the days of the apostles we must come together and pray for strength to take positive action to combat this lethargy.  Both church and laity must combine as one for the salvation of souls.  For centuries the church ignored the voice of the people.  Today this is a huge problem towards church unity and must be seriously be addressed.  To watch the decline of our faith is sad to behold.  I only wish to God i knew the answer.   

                                          GOD        BLESS       ALL         


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