Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Fundamental importance of Fatima


It is my firm belief that Fatima is one of the most tangible events in Modern Day History of the Roman Catholic Church. Our Lady’s Revelation was of God’s plan to bring Peace to the World. This message of hope and joy was made during a time of horrific upheavals Worldwide, notably the First World War, the Irish Rebellion and the Russian Revolution. Our Blessed Mother’s plea for prayer and fasting was possible then. However in today’s World, fasting has been cast aside as archaic and medieval. Many Catholics seem to focus mainly on abstaining from food and drink; however we can use many other forms of abstinence to strengthen our self-control against the lures of this world. For example, we could restrict our viewing time of Television for at least 20 minutes per night, thus enabling us to spend quality time talking with our family, teaching them the wonderful benefits of the Sacraments and encourage the family to attend Sunday Mass.

Contrary to what many Catholics have heard, the road to Heaven is a hard and tough road and definitely not a stroll in the park. Without God’s help and clearer teaching from the Church, we will find it very difficult to make it on our own. Never forget that Our Lady has appeared at numerous places all over the World during the last 2 Centuries. Millions of pilgrims visit them on a yearly basis. What happens during these visions are of paramount importance. Catholics can no longer stand idly by while our Faith is rapidly disappearing throughout the World. We must step back and take stock of what is happening, in our Parishes, our cities, our countries and our world.

The Church is facing moral Bankruptcy and the stifling of Spiritual Growth through the spread of Materialism. More serious is the fertile ground of Christianity (the family) has become barren and desolate, with people now more concerned with what can be bought and sold instead of what’s in their heart and soul. Here is an example of the dangers that lie ahead: In the space of a week after releasing the ‘Pok√©mon Go’ game which has spread like wild-fire throughout the World, Nintendo’s Stock Market value rose by more than $12 billion!

The message of our Blessed Mother must be taken seriously. It is imperative that we stop cluttering up our minds with useless information fed to us by the Media, News, Television, Radio, the Press, game consoles, the internet etc. By acting upon her messages, we will come closer to our Holy Mother and deeper into the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and thus closer to Eternal Life.

Recently Our Lady has been quoted as saying what had begun in Fatima will be fulfilled in Medjugorje. This of course may be just hearsay, but who knows for sure? This year we have reached 3 milestones in Modern World History: The Centenaries of the First World War Battle of the Somme, the Irish Rebellion and the Russian Revolution. In October next year, the Centenary of Fatima will be celebrated by millions of Catholics Worldwide. I ponder on how many will be ready for this momentous event? People need to be reminded of the many appearances of our Holy Mother. Surely it gives us a sign that God is not sitting idly by, but is encouraging the Human Race not to lose faith in him. We must never forget that the World rejected his Peace plan. It is now paying the awful price for its actions. The only solutions lie with God and his Holy Mother and supported by a fully united Church, Clergy and Laity.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Snow (1984)

The snow on the ground is six feet deep.

I’m watching the snow flakes fall, though I

Should be fast asleep.

It’s just so exciting thinking of tomorrow’s fun.

The snowman I’ll build, and the long sledge run.

Snowball fights, with my best friend.

Oh I wish this night would come to an end.

The forecast is snow for at least a week.

With all this excitement how could I sleep?

The Lepers (1988)


I have often thought of the lepers ten

You know the ones jesus made clean and healthy again

Disgusting wretches, save but just one

Couldn’t they have said “Thank You?”

After all he had done?

But wait just a minute,

Oh the disgrace.

It’s hit me dear Jesus like a slap in the face.


I belong to that group of nine.

You cleanse me from the Leprosy of sin,

time after time.

Forgive me Jesus Lord

Of the present, the future and the past

I returned to say,

“Thank You” at last.

Daddy’s Welcome speech at Celtic Reunion

Dear Friends, Old Pals

This is a dream come true

How splendid, what a pleasure

To spend the evening with you

There is so much to talk about

I know we will recall

Every magical moment of our

Careers in football

I’m sure you’ll enjoy your meal

If in patches, between corners,

Penalties and our triumphant matches.

So let’s make this a night to bring

A sparkle to our eyes

As we remember the days

Back in “Paradise”

The Wonder of God’s beauty revealed through the eyes of innocence. Short poems by a dear deceased friend of mine, Pauline McKenna (nee McAlinden) daughter of the late Jimmy McAlinden of Belfast Celtic and Northern Ireland fame and an F.A. Cup Medal winner with Portsmouth.

Praising Jesus

I want to praise you Jesus

don’t let me feel shy

we both know I’m not worthy

but do you want me to try?


My love for you is selfish

At least this much I know

Only with your help Dear Jesus

I know my love will grow.


It’s a task I have come to relish

And although I am full of pride

I can overcome it with you

Close by my side.

Freedom (1981)

I searched for Jesus everywhere

Then realised “He” was always there

Patient and loving and willing to share,

His Holy Spirit with all who would care,

To trust in Jesus Crucified,

Who forgave our sins even as he died

A horrendous death on Calvary

our triumphant saviour set us free.

Invite Jesus into your life

Put an end to worry and strife

Live with inner tranquillity

Which Jesus purchased for you and me!

The Potato (1977)

I never thought of myself as a SPUD                              

Even while living in all that MUD

After all King Edward was my name

I thought I had every right to Fame

One day I was picked and thrown in a sack

Then a strong man carried me off on his back

I was chopped, peeled and generally pulled asunder

I’m famous now,

I’m “Golden Wonder!”

Monday, 17 August 2015



 How dangerous is satan and his evil spirit, to the welfare of the catholic faith, in today’s world.  Most information we have comes from the bible.  We are told he was present many times in the garden of Eden, and later on in the book of Job.  In the New Testament,  his encounters with Christ is well documented.  The temptations of Christ in the desert and in the garden of Gethsemane.  There are many other occasions when Jesus came in contact with satans demonic spirit that are recorded in the bible.  The function of this spirit is to cause confusion, disharmony, to separate, pull asunder, all that Christ had established here on earth.  To assist us to get a better picture of satan, Iwould strongly advise everyone to read ST Pauls letter to the (THESSALONIANS CHAPTER TWO) it will take four minutes to read.  So scripture in its self proves the existence of satan.  In any war, it ts common practice among armies that to defeat your enemies, you must learn, all you can about, who and what you are up against.  What confuses me most is the lack of knowledge on this subject that is not given to the laity.  It is quite evident the spirit of disharmony is spreading rapidly worldwide.  Division within the church, breakdown of marriages, weak morality, abortion, poverty, wars, etc, etc.  Yet more serious, is the turning away from God, to follow the ways and pleasures of this world.  I personally support the authority of the church, but question the attitude with those who pursue the modernistic approach, especially the view , there is nothing divine in sacred tradition.  We can see the effect this has, by the fast decline of the faith.  There are many Catholics who have little or no faith, but keep up the external practice of their faith, perhaps out of loyalty of some childhood fantasy, or just a habit forming ritual.  We must never forget, Christ gave His life for us that we might live in harmony, with God, and with each other.  Only through a united church, clergy and laity, will we ever attain true peace.  To change our life style will not be easy.  Parents must attend Sunday mass with their families, and families should spend ten minutes in family prayer each night.  That would do for a start.  Just think, three quarters of an hour at mass on Sundays and ten minutes nightly lakes a total of two hours to complete.  The time it takes to watch a football match.  As regards to the clergy, they need to examine, the methods and contents of their sermons.  By celebrants on their approach to the sanctity of holy mass, from beginning to end leaves something to be desired.  To convince the people, that their true desire is out of love for God.  By what they say and how they say it, what they do and how they do it.  In time, hopefully this will incite the laity, to participate as one, praising God.  Holy Mass must not become a spiritual ritual, done out of habit.  Our failure to return to the church, holy mass ,the sacraments, especially(confession)to the praise, glory, worship of God, we will have no future.  So many believe they are unworthy or unable to please God, so they don’t try.  No one is worthy of perfect praise.  But out of His great love for us, God contents Himself with our imperfect worship.  With this thought in mind, we must never give up on prayer.  Neither must we give up on our church and its teachings.  It is the only organisitation that keeps us fully in touch with God, and it is , the channel in which Gods graces are passed on to us.  This is the only sure way of defeating the forces of evil that grips today’s modern world.


Friday, 12 June 2015



In my previous blog, i spoke of the enormity of sin and the consequences of it.  At the outset (original sin) it angered God so much, He banished Lucifer and his followers into the pit of darkness, from where there is no reprieve.  What of the human race? Not having the clarity as that of the fallen angels, God was lenient with them.  After being stripped of all the gifts given to them by God they were expelled from paradise.  By this action they inherited, all the evils, sicknesses, pains, and sadness’s of this world.  This eventually led to bodily death.  The effects of which remain with us to this very day.  Why was God so angry it forced Him to these harsh actions?  If i could hazard a guess, i would say that both angels and humans, spurned the love of God for their own selfish reasons, believing they could exclude God and go it alone.  How wrong they were.  All the precious gifts we had, eternal love, eternal life, eternal joys, and so much more.  It would blow your mind just trying to digest the sheer delights of Gods Kingdom.  Nowhere on earth comes anywhere near it.  All this was tossed away because of our selfish greed for power.  Bad as this modern world may be, through the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Chris.  His Passion, earned for us, complete salvation.  We have Gods word He will restore all that was lost.  All we have to do is listen to Him and follow the way He has shown us.  The way that ieads to paradise.  We find that way in the bible, in holy mass, in the sermons, guidance from our Holy Mother and  the rosaries, the wonderful gifts of the sacraments.  That’s how we regain Gods favour and His gift of eternal life.  In scripture, Christ stated, to attain heaven was likened to discovering a great treasure or a pearl so precious that we would sacrifice everything just to obtain it, this great eternal joy awaits everyone.  All we have to do is to love Him and live the way he taught us.  We save up money for a bigger house, new car, holidays in the sun and all the latest gadgets, that in tine will disappear.  Heaven will not disappear, it exists forever.  I do not say we should discard all earthly goods.  Yet we must invest heavily in our heavenly future, for your own sakes, for your families and relations and friends.  Strive to bring to mind the wonders of heaven we knew as children.  Due to the progress of modern society, our minds are so cluttered up our dreams have been put on the back burner.  We must make an effort to ignite this into a bright flame.  Every effort will be richly rewarded, rewards no one can take away.  As Christ said, all who live and believe in Me will never die.  Much of heaven is beyond our scope, just believe it.  Our God has said so and we all believe in GOD, don’t we?