Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Snow (1984)

The snow on the ground is six feet deep.

I’m watching the snow flakes fall, though I

Should be fast asleep.

It’s just so exciting thinking of tomorrow’s fun.

The snowman I’ll build, and the long sledge run.

Snowball fights, with my best friend.

Oh I wish this night would come to an end.

The forecast is snow for at least a week.

With all this excitement how could I sleep?

The Lepers (1988)


I have often thought of the lepers ten

You know the ones jesus made clean and healthy again

Disgusting wretches, save but just one

Couldn’t they have said “Thank You?”

After all he had done?

But wait just a minute,

Oh the disgrace.

It’s hit me dear Jesus like a slap in the face.


I belong to that group of nine.

You cleanse me from the Leprosy of sin,

time after time.

Forgive me Jesus Lord

Of the present, the future and the past

I returned to say,

“Thank You” at last.

Daddy’s Welcome speech at Celtic Reunion

Dear Friends, Old Pals

This is a dream come true

How splendid, what a pleasure

To spend the evening with you

There is so much to talk about

I know we will recall

Every magical moment of our

Careers in football

I’m sure you’ll enjoy your meal

If in patches, between corners,

Penalties and our triumphant matches.

So let’s make this a night to bring

A sparkle to our eyes

As we remember the days

Back in “Paradise”

The Wonder of God’s beauty revealed through the eyes of innocence. Short poems by a dear deceased friend of mine, Pauline McKenna (nee McAlinden) daughter of the late Jimmy McAlinden of Belfast Celtic and Northern Ireland fame and an F.A. Cup Medal winner with Portsmouth.

Praising Jesus

I want to praise you Jesus

don’t let me feel shy

we both know I’m not worthy

but do you want me to try?


My love for you is selfish

At least this much I know

Only with your help Dear Jesus

I know my love will grow.


It’s a task I have come to relish

And although I am full of pride

I can overcome it with you

Close by my side.

Freedom (1981)

I searched for Jesus everywhere

Then realised “He” was always there

Patient and loving and willing to share,

His Holy Spirit with all who would care,

To trust in Jesus Crucified,

Who forgave our sins even as he died

A horrendous death on Calvary

our triumphant saviour set us free.

Invite Jesus into your life

Put an end to worry and strife

Live with inner tranquillity

Which Jesus purchased for you and me!

The Potato (1977)

I never thought of myself as a SPUD                              

Even while living in all that MUD

After all King Edward was my name

I thought I had every right to Fame

One day I was picked and thrown in a sack

Then a strong man carried me off on his back

I was chopped, peeled and generally pulled asunder

I’m famous now,

I’m “Golden Wonder!”

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