Monday, 17 August 2015



 How dangerous is satan and his evil spirit, to the welfare of the catholic faith, in today’s world.  Most information we have comes from the bible.  We are told he was present many times in the garden of Eden, and later on in the book of Job.  In the New Testament,  his encounters with Christ is well documented.  The temptations of Christ in the desert and in the garden of Gethsemane.  There are many other occasions when Jesus came in contact with satans demonic spirit that are recorded in the bible.  The function of this spirit is to cause confusion, disharmony, to separate, pull asunder, all that Christ had established here on earth.  To assist us to get a better picture of satan, Iwould strongly advise everyone to read ST Pauls letter to the (THESSALONIANS CHAPTER TWO) it will take four minutes to read.  So scripture in its self proves the existence of satan.  In any war, it ts common practice among armies that to defeat your enemies, you must learn, all you can about, who and what you are up against.  What confuses me most is the lack of knowledge on this subject that is not given to the laity.  It is quite evident the spirit of disharmony is spreading rapidly worldwide.  Division within the church, breakdown of marriages, weak morality, abortion, poverty, wars, etc, etc.  Yet more serious, is the turning away from God, to follow the ways and pleasures of this world.  I personally support the authority of the church, but question the attitude with those who pursue the modernistic approach, especially the view , there is nothing divine in sacred tradition.  We can see the effect this has, by the fast decline of the faith.  There are many Catholics who have little or no faith, but keep up the external practice of their faith, perhaps out of loyalty of some childhood fantasy, or just a habit forming ritual.  We must never forget, Christ gave His life for us that we might live in harmony, with God, and with each other.  Only through a united church, clergy and laity, will we ever attain true peace.  To change our life style will not be easy.  Parents must attend Sunday mass with their families, and families should spend ten minutes in family prayer each night.  That would do for a start.  Just think, three quarters of an hour at mass on Sundays and ten minutes nightly lakes a total of two hours to complete.  The time it takes to watch a football match.  As regards to the clergy, they need to examine, the methods and contents of their sermons.  By celebrants on their approach to the sanctity of holy mass, from beginning to end leaves something to be desired.  To convince the people, that their true desire is out of love for God.  By what they say and how they say it, what they do and how they do it.  In time, hopefully this will incite the laity, to participate as one, praising God.  Holy Mass must not become a spiritual ritual, done out of habit.  Our failure to return to the church, holy mass ,the sacraments, especially(confession)to the praise, glory, worship of God, we will have no future.  So many believe they are unworthy or unable to please God, so they don’t try.  No one is worthy of perfect praise.  But out of His great love for us, God contents Himself with our imperfect worship.  With this thought in mind, we must never give up on prayer.  Neither must we give up on our church and its teachings.  It is the only organisitation that keeps us fully in touch with God, and it is , the channel in which Gods graces are passed on to us.  This is the only sure way of defeating the forces of evil that grips today’s modern world.


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