Friday, 12 June 2015


In my previous blog, i spoke of the enormity of sin and the consequences of it.  At the outset (original sin) it angered God so much, He banished Lucifer and his followers into the pit of darkness, from where there is no reprieve.  What of the human race? Not having the clarity as that of the fallen angels, God was lenient with them.  After being stripped of all the gifts given to them by God they were expelled from paradise.  By this action they inherited, all the evils, sicknesses, pains, and sadness’s of this world.  This eventually led to bodily death.  The effects of which remain with us to this very day.  Why was God so angry it forced Him to these harsh actions?  If i could hazard a guess, i would say that both angels and humans, spurned the love of God for their own selfish reasons, believing they could exclude God and go it alone.  How wrong they were.  All the precious gifts we had, eternal love, eternal life, eternal joys, and so much more.  It would blow your mind just trying to digest the sheer delights of Gods Kingdom.  Nowhere on earth comes anywhere near it.  All this was tossed away because of our selfish greed for power.  Bad as this modern world may be, through the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Chris.  His Passion, earned for us, complete salvation.  We have Gods word He will restore all that was lost.  All we have to do is listen to Him and follow the way He has shown us.  The way that ieads to paradise.  We find that way in the bible, in holy mass, in the sermons, guidance from our Holy Mother and  the rosaries, the wonderful gifts of the sacraments.  That’s how we regain Gods favour and His gift of eternal life.  In scripture, Christ stated, to attain heaven was likened to discovering a great treasure or a pearl so precious that we would sacrifice everything just to obtain it, this great eternal joy awaits everyone.  All we have to do is to love Him and live the way he taught us.  We save up money for a bigger house, new car, holidays in the sun and all the latest gadgets, that in tine will disappear.  Heaven will not disappear, it exists forever.  I do not say we should discard all earthly goods.  Yet we must invest heavily in our heavenly future, for your own sakes, for your families and relations and friends.  Strive to bring to mind the wonders of heaven we knew as children.  Due to the progress of modern society, our minds are so cluttered up our dreams have been put on the back burner.  We must make an effort to ignite this into a bright flame.  Every effort will be richly rewarded, rewards no one can take away.  As Christ said, all who live and believe in Me will never die.  Much of heaven is beyond our scope, just believe it.  Our God has said so and we all believe in GOD, don’t we?    


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