Tuesday, 21 April 2015

                                A      CALL      TO      ARMS

Since the beginning of time until the end of time, a furious spiritual battle has been raging between the forces of good under God, and the forces of evil under satan.  At the centre of this great struggle is the spiritual destiny of every created soul.  The modern world has forgotten the seriousness of this struggle. At least sixty per cent of Christians have forgotten the enormous dangers of losing this struggle.  At least eighty per cent of catholics completely ignore it.  In the meantime the forces of evil are making massive inroads into the Christian communities, especially the catholic faith and its church, satan’s arch enemy.  The clergy and the laity have come under attack over the last one hundred years, e.g the many scandals, the rapid decline of the priesthood.  In today’s world large numbers of laity are deserting the church and its teachings.  These are dark and threatening times for all civilisations.  However we must not despair, we must trust in God still.  These trials are nothing new to us.  Since Christ established His church on earth over two thousand years ago, many attempts, led by satan, to destroy the church, e g. Caesar, Napoleon, Cromwell, Hitler, Stalin, just to mention a few.  Christ’s church is still standing while all their empires have disappeared and we have Gods word it will stand until the end of time.  Our Blessed Mother, during Her appearances at Lourdes and Fatima, has requested that everyone must stand up for our God.  We must enter the fight against evil.  The chosen people of God(the Israelites) in their long journey to the promised land, encountered many enemies and fought numerous battles before reaching their destination.  As they engaged every enemy force they marched behind the ark of the covenant, then with Gods support they were victorious in every battle.  We too must march behind the new and glorious ark of the covenant, Our Blessed Mother, and in doing so we will scatter the evils that engulf us.  Never forget that final victory belongs to God alone. Until that day arrives, we must renew our efforts and openly profess our loyalty, to God, His Holy Mother, and the Church.  If there is any doubt of how loathsome sin is to God, then look at the crucifix.  That’s the price God demanded for the reconciliation between Himself and mankind.  If the need was not so immense, would such a sacrifice been called for?.  Does not that sacrifice throw a fearful light upon the need of it?.  And if that need is denied, does it make the sacrifice unintelligible?  We are not asked to enter the battle unarmed.  Our Blessed Mother has supplied us with assult weapons, each holds a clip of sixty rounds.  How many clips we need depends on how each individual commits themselves to the battle.  Our weapons and clips are our rosary beads.  In any great battle, the foot soldiers make up the largest part of any army, but they need supported by heavy artillery.  We can receive the greatest help in the world by our attendance at Holy Mass as often as possible.  In addition we have our guardian angels, the sacraments, the saints and the support of Holy Mother Church.  If we all join up it makes us a formidable army, pitted against the forces of evil.  By doing so we will dispel many of the evils that threaten us and our children.  Do not doubt any of this.  True self esteem comes from understanding your value to God.  It is important we begin to change our ways and habits.  Unless we fight back our situation will become more hopeless

N.B.  To those who read this blog and who live in Holy Cross Parish or nearby, at eight P. M. every Tuesday at Our Lady’s grotto, Berwick Road and every sat at twelve noon.  Rosaries offered up for the clergy worldwide, and the salvation of all souls .


GOD BLESS                                            


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