Wednesday, 25 February 2015

                                                     ETERNAL     LIFE                              

Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, promised us eternal life, if we stay faithful to His teachings.  Here is a question, how many of us ever give much thought to what that really means? There is no easy answer.  However i will attempt to voice my own views on this topic, and pray that they may steer some souls back to God. 

Let us start with the grey haired brigade, of which i am proud to be a member of.  The old, the wrinkled and tired members of our faith, without whose courage and staying power there would be no faith in the world today.  Now compare the age of an eighty years old soul with that of the soul of a newly born baby who has just been baptised.  We can’t, there is none.  All souls are ageless and eternal.  It is only the body in which the soul is encased, that ages due to it being temporary.   During its stay in the body the soul does not age, what it does is, increase its knowledge of God, of life, wisdom add love.  The spiritual growth of a soul depends on the will of the person in whose body it resides.  The soul will live on after its earthly body dies, for the soul is life. 

Eternal life in its entirety means a complete union with God in paradise.  Eternal death is the complete separation from God to the realm of Satan in hell.  That is why we should never forget when all earthly creation has ended; every soul will receive its new body, irrespective of where their destination lies. The Lord God Himself has assured us of this.  Through some of the teachings of the church fathers, we have come to understand, in all probability; the moment we leave this body we gain all Gods knowledge of creation.  If so, it would give us a clearer understanding of purgatory.  For reasons, known only to God, we are not ready for union with God? we are sent there to be purged of any remaining defects.  Unfortunately with our new found knowledge of God causes great distress, until we are fully united in God.  I believe this is the real agony of purgatory.  We who remain on earth must constantly pray for the speedy release of the holy souls.  About hell no comment is needed.  I hope and pray that people will understand the Importance of staying close to God, by means of his established church here on earth.  We must take advantage of all the graces, Christ earned for us on Calvary.  A greater effort is needed if we are to change our way of life

We need to focus on our spiritual life and less on the things of this life if we are to avoid the gates of hell.  There are no ifs, ands, or buts, this is a must.  Seventy per cent of Catholics living in the western world have been lured away from the church, being brainwashed into believing the world has the answer to all our problems.  Its offer of happiness, peace, joy, prosperity, and a distorted sense of love, is utter rubbish.  Take a moment; ponder on the state of today’s world.  You will realise the emptiness of these promises.  Sadly, separation from God and His church has little or no consequence to very many Catholics today.  The demise of the faith among the laity is due to their lack of knowledge of it.  Failure to know about God and His Blessed Mother, and failure to involve them in our daily lives has led to this disaster.  But we must never lose hope in God.  No one, absolutely no one, is ever beyond the saving grace of God.  We have only to seek that grace and it will be granted.  That is the choice every one of us has to make.  God does not force anyone to love Him.  He offers us the choice of eternal life or eternal death.  God’s desire is for every soul to pick life and He encourages us to do so every day of our lives.  However God will respect any decision we make and on that decision we will be judged accordingly.   We must be more attentive to Gods words preached by the priests at every mass. It is through the ear the word of God reaches the soul.  Eternal life is forever, be it in paradise or hell, a truth we can’t escape from                     



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