Tuesday, 6 May 2014



Of all the great gifts God gave to humanity, the greatest of all is Holy Mass.  In all probability the sacrament of confession would be second.  At mass we praise, glorify, and express our love to God.  We give thanks to God by remembering all he has done for us.  Unfortunately in our human weakness reject His love, in pursuit of the pleasures of this world.  These periods of rejection can last for times only, or last for many years.  Living in modern times our refusal to pay homage to God, and follow the paths of darkness, may become habit forming.  We no longer believe we are doing wrong.  That is a very dangerous position to be in, as we risk losing our spiritual lives for all eternity.  Cut off from Gods graces we sink deeper into the mire.  But the infinite love of God is always reaching out to every soul, no matter how deep they have sunk.  Hence His wonderful gift of confession.  For every soul that repents in confession, will receive full absolution and forgiveness.  God cannot and will not force us to change.  But God and all heaven rejoices in every soul that does repent.  A fresh start can then begin for every repentant soul.  It is not easy to change on our own.  We need the church and the sacraments.  Therefore the church must be more vigorous, more passionate, in their spiritual quest as they are for the material needs of their flock.  But the cry these days are(we are so few).  Well for starters we have our pope, plenty of cardinals, to focus on an action plan to counteract the evils that have taken hold a large part of our world today.  In my younger days church teaching , that when faced by serious problems, they would seek Gods help.  This was done by prayer and fasting.  Iguess this is just wild thinking on my part.  To cope with these terrible times greater action is needed from the clergy, and fully supported by the laity.  A question for the laity to ponder, what does it mean for YOU to be a catholic. Millions of souls throughout the western world are in grave danger of losing their souls.  Yet our priorities are the economy, starvation, sickness, and home comforts.  All these things are terrible in their very existence, and must be earnestly addressed.  But all these evils we will leave behind when we die.  We do not take them with us.  The sickness of the soul we take with us.  After each confessional we know we have been cured.  By the grace of God, little or no sickness is left.  This cure is available to all souls, no matter how great the sickness or length of time we have it.  The cure is instant.  All that is needed is truthfulness and honesty, two things we cannot hide from God.  Whoever you are , no matter how serious the sins are, Gods love and mercy far out strip all the evils of our past lives. 

For the sake of our salvation we must trust in GODS MERCY


                                                       THE    LOVE    OF    GOD

                     WHEN  EVIL TIMES SHALL  PASS  AWAY


                    WHEN  MEN  WHO  HERE  REFUSE TO PRAY

                  ON  ROCKS  AND  HILLS  AND  MOUNTAIN’S  CALL

                 GOD’S  LOVE  SO  SURE, SHALL  STILL  ENDURE

                  ALL  MEASURELESS  AND  STRONG

                  REDEEMING  GRACE  TO  ADAMS  RACE       

                THE  SAINTS  AND  ANGELS’  SONG.


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