Monday, 3 February 2014


“Catholic belief” writes Father Husslein, S.J., “Does not rest with merely acknowledging the existence of guardian spirits given us by God.  It goes further and asserts as of absolute certainty that every human being has its own guardian angel . . . . . In the next place, it is also a catholic belief that not merely every just man, every child of grace, but in fact every single human being here upon earth whether Christian or non Christian, whether in grace or in sin, actually remains during its entire life under the care of a guardian angel.  It suffices to describe this as absolutely certain.  Moreover, it is generally held that each human being has its own distinct guardian angel not assigned to anyone else”.  The words of our Lord also point to this conclusion: “See that you do not despise one of these little ones he solemnly warned his disciples”, for I say to you their angels in heaven always see the face of my father who is in heaven.  They see in their charges souls of priceless value since they were redeemed by the Blood of God.


Although they cannot penetrate the inner sanctuary of human hearts which god has reserved for himself, they do all they can to help us.  However, it is in our power by an act of our free will to expose our intimate thoughts to our angelic companion.  And it is to our advantage for such confidence in his enlightened guidance is of great benefit to our soul.  After God and Our Blessed Mother, he is surely our best friend, and if we really love him, we will have no secrets to hide from him.  We do not sensibly perceive him.  We hear no whisper warnings in our ear.  Our hands cannot touch him, nor do our eyes look up to him.  Yet invisibly he is with us.  From the first moment of life he guards us and he will not have completed his task until as we trust, we shall gaze with him in the glory on the Vision of God.  Father Faber also describes the solitude of our guardian angels: ever at our side is being lived a golden life.  A princely spirit is there, who sees God and enjoys the bewildering splendours of his face even there where He is, than the limits of our outstretched arms.  An unseen warfare is waging around our steps, but that beautiful spirit let’s not so much of it vex our ears.  He fights for us and asks no thanks, but hides his silent victories and continues to gaze upon god.  His tenderness for us is above all words.  His office will last beyond the grave, until at length it merges into a sweeter tie of something like of heavenly equality, when on the morning of the resurrection we pledge each other, in those first moments, to an endless blessed love.  Till then we shall never know from how many dangers he has delivered us, nor how much of our salvation is actually due to him.  Meanwhile he merits nothing by the solicitudes of his office.  He is beyond the power of meriting, for he has attained the sight of God.  His work is the work of love, b because his sweet presence at our side he knows to be a part of Gods eternal creative love of our particular souls.


“Yes, in him we have an unseen friend and benefactor, an intimate and never failing companion in our journey through life.......  How often perhaps have we almost felt his presence and his power up bearing and rescuing us from danger!  How indeed shall we ever repay him for the love he has shown us?”  Let us ask Christ to be our thank offering for so great a favour as his companionship.





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