Wednesday, 29 January 2014



The very name Michael urges us to honour this Great Spirit; it is a cry of enthusiasm and fidelity, for it signifies: Who IS LIKE UNTO   God?  Satan trembles at hearing his name, for it reminds him of the noble protest wherewith the bright angel answered the call of the rebel angels.  Michael proved his strength and prowess when he fought the great battle in heaven.  From that hour he has been known as: Michael: the captain of the armies of God, first prince of the holy city, to whom the other angels yield ready obedience.  They most willingly and gratefully recognize his supremacy, for after God they owe to him their perseverance in grace and, and their eternal happiness.  With loving submission they receive from him their various offices.  They are attentive to his slightest wish, because they recognise in his commands and regulations the will of God, their sovereign Lord and King.


Thus does God honour and reward in heaven him whose zeal saved the greater portion of the heavenly court from destruction.  Next, we hear his praise from no less and authority than his brother angel St.  Gabriel, who speaking to the Prophet Daniel says, Michael, who is your prince: and, Michael, who is one of the first among princes.  Let us look upon this heavenly Prince with the veneration he warrants.  As St Gabriel, Gods Ambassador, was the first to adore the: Precious Blood: in the Incarnate Word, upon earth, so was St Michael, the first adorer in heaven.  St Michael humbly submitted to the trial given the and manifested his allegiance to his Divine Master, by an act of profound adoration fidelity. His fearlessness and fortitude aroused the courage of the faithful angels who rallied to his standard, repeating with one accord his noble cry; that is like unto God; St Michael and his faithful followers won a glorious victory.

Open and secret revolt against God and his church, the spirit of criticism. Unbelief and immorality are rampant.  Lucifer’s boast: I will be like the Most High: is re-echoed today throughout the world.  In this present age we need the assistance of St Michael and the angels.  With their discoveries and their progress in material science, men are loudly proclaiming their self-sufficiency and denying the existence of a supreme being.  Governments and secret societies plotting against God and striving to blot out from homes and schools, from offices and factories all traces of Christianity.  Never before in the history of the world  were the rights of God sp mocked and denied , or the rights of men so arrogantly asserted, as they are today


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