Wednesday, 22 January 2014


When people are convinced that life is short and eternity is the only thoughts to fill their minds, we are opt to undervalue this life altogether, and forget its real importance.  It should be remembered that the employments of this world, though not in themselves heavenly are after all the way to heaven.  As Christ is seen in the poor, the persecuted, and in children.  So he is seen in the works he puts upon his Chosen, whatever they may be.  The works of each day are the tests of our thoughts whether or not they are available for our salvation? 

Anyone who does one deed of obedience for Christ’s sake returns home more justified rather than the most eloquent of speakers.  Death is especially an anxious and frightening time because it is the end of all that is familiar to us.  However, sacred scripture tells us many mysterious things about that domain.  Mysteries that cannot be penetrated by the human mind.  So one should seek comfort by reading the scriptures. 

What will avail us then, to have accumulated great riches to reach number1 in the charts, be acknowledged by the world as first in all sports, entertainment, politics etc....?

If after all we do not have the faith to guide us from this world to the next.  I’m sure most of you would agree that we are not truly a Christian nation.  We are what we might be called a neutral nation.  Neither pagan nor Christian.  And this neutral attitude has no fire or zeal about it.  We must stand up and be truly catholic so that in attending to our own calling we can go to meet Christ with hope in our souls, and trust in our hearts – In the Mercy, Love, and Forgiveness of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


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