Monday, 27 January 2014

Guardian of the soul

Through the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, God has given us the power to labour with him in the procreation and formation of souls for Heaven.  He has entrusted to you this privilege and duty; to instruct, to correct, guide, and console them in his name.  God has given you the power to command and to teach.  Be vigilant in warding off evil which may prove harmful to any member of your family or to your family as a whole.  You must provide with tenderness the Spiritual and Corporal needs of whom God has entrusted to your care.

What Glory and Honour for a woman and man to be thus made God’s helper, and to co-operate with him in the Salvation and Sanctification of souls.

You are parents of these souls, not the master of them; you must act kindly, and not as a tyrant, reach out to each one with a loving heart.  Maintain within your family a spirit of unity

God has entrusted the care of the weak to you, to you who are also weak. Through prayer he will bless and sanctify your efforts.  You must absolutely put all your trust in him.  Be full of love and indulgence for your children, and your neighbours, bearing with them in all kindness.

Good parents are attentive and watchful; they are not timid, easily alarmed, constant vigilance is essential to protect your family from evil.  Watchfulness is two-fold, prevent evil and do well.





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