Friday, 14 February 2014

LIFE        AFTER        DEATH


I have been thinking about this topic for some weeks as it is something Catholics fail to reflect on daily.  Most lay people like myself have little or no learning in theology.  Christ’s words to us are mysterious and call on us to ponder things we cannot fully know or understand.  The words Christ speaks in the gospels are words of life.These words are spoken regularly by priests celebrating mass every day.  I will attempt then to highlight a few thoughts all to become more aware of heaven using extracts from the book: Life After Death: by FR. BENEDICT  J.  GROEESCHEL.  C.F; R  and ST. AUGUSTINE.  These thoughts are not to inform everybody of all the theological work that has been done concerning life after death.  It is vital we have an awareness of the promise of eternal life, the life that the Son of God won for us by His terrible death  and glorious resurrection.  Knowing that should fill us with hope and strength to face this life and its challenges, looking forward with courage to what comes next.  We all know that happiness can be changed to sorrow in the space of a few minutes.  The news of a personal loss or illness can make all the difference.  We should also know that no earthly is final.  Our heavenly Father earnestly yearns roar our salvation.  The world tells us our lives are our own and
 and can be lived as we see fit.  On reflection Christians would see it differently.  Our lives are a gift from God and one day we will surrender them back to Him.  The daunting and liberating standard that God gave us, what human life can be and should be , namely Jesus Christ.  Obviously none of us can live up to such a standard completely, but we must strive for this constantly.  Like it or not ;God will finally judge us by this standard. We must all then strengthen our belief that our lord and saviour Jesus Christ has indeed gone to prepare a place for us and will call us to eternal life.


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