Wednesday, 5 February 2014



If we extinguish God in us through serious sin; if we banish Him from our souls, we have separated ourselves and alienated ourselves from God.  We have chosen eternal nothing- ness.  We have chosen Hell.  Yet it would be foolish and lacking of our trust in God to focus unduly on the fear of hell.  Keep in mind, without God’s help we could slip and fall a great distance.  Our main concern should be about those who appear to be turning away from God’s Kingdom, promised by JESUS CHRIST.  Pray and reach out to those in danger of eternal loss.  Remember that this awful possibility is not imposed on us by God, but we impose it on ourselves.  It is imperative then we remain under the protection of the church  and avail ourselves of the sacraments.  Frequent attendance at Mass and monthly confession will keep us close to God.  The simple fact that Christs words in the gospel give the highest authority eternal punishment.  The words of Saint Paul and the author of the Apocalypse—when considered with Christs teachings make the presence of Hell un—deniable.  We must never forget the perfection of God’s justice demands it



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