Thursday, 7 August 2014

                     A      GRIM     OUTLOOK     FOR      OUR      CHURCH       

Throughout human history, there has been an almost universal recognition that at the end of time we will all render some kind of an account of our lives, to God.  Even when the understanding of the one God is clouded and confused.  Every culture has a strong sense, that they will be judged by their maker.  So as Catholics, do we ever ponder about what we will be judged on.  The most significant act in the history of the human race has been passed down the centuries until this present day, the coming of our Lord and Savour Jesus Christ.  What then was the reason for Christs suffering.  Because He and only He was capable of paying the price of our freedom demanded by the will of the Lord our God.  His passion restored to fallen mankind, what the original human race (ADAM & EVE) had lost by their disobedience, in that they sinned against Gods law.  In rejecting God, they began to love themselves and many other things more than they loved God, Who must be first in every ones hearts.  By their actions they lost, not only for themselves, but for generations to come, the gift of eternal life.  After the fall, human desires became more self seeking and confused.  Christ’s coming reinstated our intimate relationship with God, new offer of eternal life, and the proper meaning of love :sacrifice:.  In short, words are cheap.  Christ also came to destroy the works of Satan.  He (satin) markets sin as liberating, but is the exact opposite (slavery).  We live in a permissive society that embraces sin as a virtue.  Our choice is simple.  There are the ways of God, and there the ways of this world, two different ways for humanity to live.  Unfortunately the message of the world’s media is often portrayed as, that anything goes and sin is no big deal.  Even sections of our church play down the gravity of sin.  This attitude has led many catholics to reject the confessional, to abandon prayer, and eventually disregard God by their non attendance at holy mass.  This approach could draw many souls towards the gates of hell and eternal damnation.  Our sins are often rooted in our greed, lust, pride, envy, etc. Moreover choosing the evils of this world can be very attractive.  Our free will, given to us by God has allowed us the freedom of choice, to follow Gods way, or follow the ways of this world.  We must be in no doubt the fate of all who ignore Gods way and the vast rewards for all who follow His ways.  If we decide to pursue Gods way, we must do so by action and not just words.  With stronger guidance and greater support from the church many souls could be won back for our God.  In the last one hundred years the church has become weak due to the disunity among the clergy who many them selves have become more worldly and less spiritual.  Their failure to inform the people of the way they are living their lives, and the outcome of their actions will bring, to clearly explain the obligations of what it means being baptised a catholic and the importance of what is expected of them.  If people think that sin is trivial, and their commitment to God trifling.  Take a good look at the crucifix.  That’s what  God did for us, and that’s what sin did to GOD.  In most families today spiritual growth is almost nonexistent.  It is as though the catholic faith was living on borrowed time, especially in the west.  This exodus can be slowed down if we seriously turn back to God.  To love God and one another will take a big effort on the part of those who do so.  The clergy and the laity must stand up and speak the truth. To become united as one under God.  Gods primary aim is the salvation of souls and it must be ours also.  This world which has existed so long in the grip of fear, of dying, of suffering, poverty, of evil, it seems almost impossible to get our minds around a kingdom where none of these things exist.  But that is a perfectly human reaction to the world in which we live.  We are pressurised daily by the evils that surrounds us.  I was told, many years ago, faith was believing in something you cannot understand.    The love, beauty, joy, and happiness of heaven is not a myth or a fairytale.  It is a reality.  It is a mystery to be enjoyed, not to be analysed or understood, for there is nothing in this life that comes anywhere near the splendour of seeing God face to face.  That’s what we must strive to achieve, for ourselves and our families. 


GOD   BLESS          

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