Sunday, 17 August 2014

            WE         MUST         TRY          HARDER

One of Christs earliest declarations of His power, and his mission on earth, was the curing of the paralysed man, who had been lowered through the roof and placed in front of Jesus and the crowd.  Jesus reaction to this was to say :your sins are forgiven:  Strange words to say to a very sick man.  But in truth, our greatest needs are spiritual, the healing of the soul and spirit are first, all else is secondary.  This man’s needs in the eyes of Christ, was to have his sins forgiven.  Like him our primary need is to know our sins are forgiven.  In the confessional, via the priest, we hear the words of absolution, Gods words :my son, my daughter: i absolve you from your sins.  Be in no doubt, this is an absolute fact.  We have Gods word on it.  But take care, the only sin God will not forgive, is the person who refuses to go to Him in the belief they are beyond forgiveness.  This refusal can cause a hardening of one’s heart against Gods love and mercy, and God will never impose on our free will.  We are all sinners and in need of God’s mercy. Through frequent prayer and confession we will come to experience the real value of true joy and freedom.  A freedom that will lead us to self awareness and knowledge of who we are, and who God is.  His saving grace is needed by every soul.  The young addict who lives alone and in misery, and equally the young people who abstain from drugs and alcohol are both in need of salvation, the plight of the addict is just more evident.  A spiritual life is in many ways, a battle for control of our minds.  Gods words enter our minds, in order for it to take root and bear fruit, we need to engage with it, so it is not lost.  The only remedy for the human condition is Jesus Christ.  In all honesty, this statement would not sit very well with many young and many not so young in today’s society.  However if we stopped for a moment and gave some thought at the way we live our lives, we may have a change of attitude.  Living in todays world, where our minds are chock- a- block with useless information its almost impossible to make room for Gods word.  If we are to enter heaven we must make room.  Perhaps we should take stock of our Christianity, by our kindness, patience, and love and mercy towards those who have strayed from Gods path.  We must try harder not to judge or condemn people for the mess and the fear they have got themselves into.  The truth is, we all seek comfort, consolation, and friendship in one form or another.  This is part of the human condition.  There is a need in us all to change our lives for the good.  The Christian faith will always challenge us to change, an invitation to reform our lives.  Change is not just for a day or a one of thing, but a continual daily call.  We often think others need to change, but not us.  In fact, very few turn to the scriptures, the living word of God, when we are down, lonely, or depressed.  Why not?  Because we usually turn to drugs, alcohol, gambling, just to mention a few.  As any recovering addict will tell you, Christ will sustain you in your efforts.  Mercifully the scriptures are full of consoling words,  especially Christs words (come to me all you who are heavily burdened I will ease your pain )  Daily contact with God through prayer (mass whenever possible )  and begin reading the bible.  Do this and we and we can all move out of the darkness we are in, begin to enjoy the light of God in our souls.  Peace does not mean the absence of war, hunger, or suffering.  It is a condition which exists in all of us, by Gods grace, due to His infinite love for us.  Being human and as a result of our domestic and family obligations, we are prevented from giving more time to God as we should. By His coming among us, God fully understands this, and that puts a reason on us to try harder.  The reward for your efforts will be a place in heaven for you.              


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