Tuesday, 15 July 2014

HEARTS       AND          MINDS

There are many who would associate this title to a T V programme of the same name.  But the reality of the title is more startling when studied more deeply.  Church teaching informs us, all souls are created by God, out of His deep love for us, and placed in their earthly bodies (created in Gods likeness) at the moment of conception.  All souls belong to God, and in time will return to Him.  It is through the soul the body receives life, and the life of the soul is eternal.  The final destiny of the soul is best thought of by the way we live out our time spent on earth.  During this period, our spiritual growth can be greatly influenced by the commitment of our hearts and minds towards God.  Since the beginning of time, a war has been raging around us, between good and evil, for the control of our hearts and minds.  With the coming of Christ and later the Holy Spirit, vast numbers of souls were won over to God.  Regretfully, within the last century the tide has shifted towards the powers of evil.  In many parts of the world today, people have given in to the lures of this world, and in doing so have weakened their spiritual growth.  The church firmly maintains that, Christ alone, pays the price for the forgiveness of everyone.  Church teaching also states that everyone is responsible for his or hers own actions. The gospels confirm this.  We have only to think of lazarus and the rich man to see the relationship between action and the judgement one receives from God.  By catering for the body, the more the light in the soul is being extinguished.  Never forget, to reach heaven, and receive the gift of eternal life, we must direct our hearts and minds to be in tune with God.  Remaining faithful to the church and the sacraments we have the means to do so.  Not an easy task to achieve, as we are hemmed in at every turn we take  by the glitter of this world.  To combat this situation, the church needs to show strong leadership to its people.  Taking a more personal role in organising the people to a stronger faith in their God and their church.  Through love, actions, and proclaiming the truth, regardless of the situation many find themselves in.  As i stated at the beginning, the welfare of the soul is everything , all else is secondary.  The body will die and all its needs and wants with it.  The soul exists forever.  We know that, at the end of time our souls will be reunited with our glorified and resurrected bodies, in a wholeness,  far more perfect than we presently have the capacity to imagine.  On reflection we can see the importance of any decisions we make and the influences they have on our hearts and minds.  Our eternal destiny depends heavily on this.  Our attitude towards God has become so disrespectful that it is one of the main causes of our weak faith.  Most priests portray, Christ as a brother, friend, companion. But very rarely as God and creator of all things.  The reason being, the onus it puts on us.  This is clearly reflected in the way God is treated by many Catholics.  Our approach to Mass, communion, baptism, marriage, confession etc shows no serious commitment to anything spiritual.  The actions of many priests and large groups of Catholics worldwide, is soul destroying and disappointing to many Catholics who still remain steadfast to the church and its teachings.  I know there are many who will shake their heads at this in disbelief.  Claiming an old dinosaur is lost in a time capsule, somewhere in the past, afraid to move with the times, afraid of change.  Perhaps they are right.  As everyone is entitled to their thoughts as i am of mine, Hence the creation of my blog site, as i don’t like what i may be changed into.  So with God’s blessings (i pray) the thoughts will keep coming. 

GOD    BLESS                   

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