Wednesday, 2 July 2014

                  TAKEN        FOR          GRANTED           

Now more than ever, in our present age, catholics need to remain steadfast in their faith.  As catholics this is their solemn duty.  Unbelief has carried its insolence to its very limit, boldly claiming that there is no God.  We must profess our faith openly and fearlessly, holding on to our love for Christ and his church.  We live in a world that takes everything for granted, our God, our faith, our church, and in the way we live our lives.  God has been placed on the back burner, only to be called on in emergencies, no longer having  any influences on our lives.  This leads to, why pass on to our children, something we have no faith in.  Active involvement in the church, and spiritual teaching in the homes is disappearing rapidly, and therein lies our greatest problem.  It appears to me, the church is either unwilling or unable to address this problem.  To many Catholics, the church has hung the laity out to dry, in other words to fend for themselves.  Our faith has always been supported by strong leadership and sustained in most catholic homes.  This is no longer happening.  To continue in this way will only lead to the exclusion of God and the perils these actions will bring.  Sadly this attitude not only affects the adult population but children as well.  Most people i believe are unaware of this.  Most sermons preached fail to inform the people about the consequences of their actions.   Talking to many young people in the parish i live in express little or no interest in God or prayer.  If a survey was taken throughout the parishes, 80/90 per cent would be of the same opinion.  The clergy must focus their efforts to counteract this chain of thought.  A massive problem indeed.  But i guess the Apostles, in their time, faced the same problems.  Thankfully we have more going for us than they had.  Today the church tells us not to worry or be anxious, God is in control.  God has always been in control.  Unfortunately the church is not.  Until the church speaks with one united voice, Gods hands are tied.  God has given us a free will, and pledged Himself never to destroy it.  No matter how we defy God or shriek against Him, He will not destroy our greet gift of freedom.  Christianity is a religion of the world , It is for the busy, the influential, the rich, the employed as well as the poor.  Yet it is very difficult to realise both these truths at once.  The rich and the busy, though not in themselves heavenly, can in most cases, be after all steps that leads us to God.  We must apply all that we do in this life as steps leading to God.  We must never forget that a final judgement awaits us all.  To continue to blot out this belief will severely damage the future of our faith.  By doing so, we may be weakening its warning voice, and losing an ever present reminder of an unseen God.  Heaven is a supernatural gift far above the capacity to achieve through our merits.  Gods graces are needed if anyone is to attain heaven.  We must not shut Him out of our lives.  All the graces necessary to reach heaven have been promised to the human race, as the fruits of our prayers.  And when we pray for others, it is to help them to reach heaven, no matter how far from its path they have strayed.  Our prayers for others should be humble and trusting.  We must pray with perseverance trust.  Do not forget God is always faithful to his promises, 


G OD    BLESS.        

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