Saturday, 21 June 2014

                                                Today’s           modern            world     

Is the state of this world as bad as it appears, if so, why? This question keeps entering my mind frequently.  Is there so much evil in the world, and if so, why does it appear to be spreading at an alarming rate. Are the great injustices in the world today worse than in any other era of the past.  On examination, the moral fibre of society has disappeared from most countries especially in the west.  The gap between the rich and the poor has widened greatly.  The answer may well lie in the spiritual famine affecting most countries today.  The world chooses to ignore this, due to its pursuit  of earthly answers.  We pile uncertainties upon uncertainties making lasting solutions impossible.  Governments in countries worldwide  appear to be in control. But in truth , are controlled by the world monetary system.  We need go no further than the debacle of the big banks.  Via the social media of, T.V, INTERNET, NEWSPAPERS, e.t.c, the control for the hearts and minds of the populace is almost complete.  The spiritual growth especially in the west has eroded to almost zero.  Bleak though all this may seem, we have the methods to overcome this monopoly of evil.  We must divert our interests away from earthly goals and focus on heavenly goals, and pursue that which will strengthen our spiritual growth.  Gods words :there are none so blind as those who have eyes but cannot see, and ears but cannot hear: for if we begin to see and hear, we will have to change our way of life, of which so many are unable or unwilling to do so.  Until all peoples turn back to God we will wallow inour self inflicted misery.  With church support , Christians must rekindle the need for stronger faith in God, and His ability to change even the impossible.  We can cooperate with GOD, by means of, stronger union between clergy and laity, combined prayers and efforts of all Christian sects.  All other faiths who believe in God must do likewise.  We must give up our citizenship of this world and concentrate on our citizenship of heaven, no matter what our nationally we claim to be.  Equality is always foremost in Gods eyes and should be in ours.  On T.V we see the horrors of what drinking and driving can do.  We are faced with terrible scenes of death and sorrow it brings.  We are also shown how this can be prevented.  Likewise we see what smoking does to our lungs.  Again we are given ways to prevent this.  Other afflictions such as poverty, child abuse, hatred, and many others are displayed to make us aware of their dangers and steps to take to avoid them.  The results of spiritual sickness unfortunately are not tangible.  We cannot see or touch them, but they are more serious than all the rest.  It is with great urgency then to listen to what God is asking of us.  Pray frequently and as often as possible for the graces to do so.  Our eternal salvation depends on it.                 



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