Friday, 7 March 2014

WHO   IS    LIKE   UNTO   OUR    GOD    


A cry that echoed throughout the heavens by the Archangel Michael in defence of God, His love, and His laws.  Today (Luscifer or Satin) has raised his standard once again, only this time here on earth.  His call to rally to him with promises to rid us of God and free to live our lives as we choose.  Worldwide, but especially in the western world thousands are rallying to his call, including a large percentage of Catholics.  Through the power of international  communecations systems, he is able to reach into the heart of every home.  The power of tele vision to disorientate the mind and focus it on nothing else but worldly goods, immorality, and self indulgence.  This attitude has caused many Catholics  to reject God and follow the materialistic road that leds to eternal death.  For the many who still remain faithful to God we must rally to His standard THE CROSS; There we will find our Blessed Mother, St Michael, and the angels, and all the Saints doing battle for us.  Here on earth we have the Church and the Sacrements in which we have the love and protection of our GOD.  By constant prayer, good deeds, GOD will surely bring us home. 

These are very worrying times for all.  We must pray frequently not just for our families, pray for our neighbours, pray for the world.  Prayer is a great weapon against evil, but good deeds need to flow from it.  Words without deeds are useless.  Returning to mass with your families to praise and honour GOD would be a massive step towards their salvation.  Taking part in the sacraments(confession etc) with fervour and commitment will surely increase the faith in our parishes.  If we truely value our souls and those of our children over worldly things, we must make the effort to change it is too late.  Just think in a short period of time say(20 years) will a priest be available to celebrate mass, anoint the sick, hear confessions, bless marriages, christen our young, pray over our dead.  Salvation is a serious business.  One has only to look at the CROSS to see how serious GOD believed it to be.  We must turn to our Blessed Mother to assist us in our daily efforts to follow GOD.  Ask help from your guardian angel, pray earnestly to the saints for their intercessions.  Do this and without any shadow of a doubt we will all meet in heaven. 

TILL  NEXT  BLOG                    GOD   BLESS       

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