Wednesday, 5 March 2014



What is it that we as catholics lack? My belief is this, an un willingness to be changed, and an unwillingness to suffer.  We do not like to let go of our old selves.  But when we come to God to be saved, we must surrender our selves completely to Him.  To learn not to react to insults, to give up an advantage etc. for Gods sake, has in it a power out weighing all the pretence of mere profession.  Deeds speak louder than words.  To introduce God back into the life of every family will take a great deal of courage and sacrifice.  Both parents must committ themselves to this action.  No human mind can ever grasp the rewards of such actions.  An eternal life ,of love, joy, and peace, are beyond our greatest imagination.  The alternative is to frightening to ponder.  No matter how little the change we must begin immediately.  Never put of till tomorrow for tomorrow may never come.  If we need encouragement, think of Christ in the garden of gethseminy.  Fearful, lonely, weak and afraid.  But for our salvation He endured it all that we might have eternal life.  That at least must be a great incentive for us to change and endure any hardships due to your efforts to change.   

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