Friday, 28 March 2014

    IN    WHAT    DIRECTION                                                                                      


One thing we are most certain of, if we survive birth, then we are sure of only one outcome, death.  Everything in between is fraught with uncertainties.  In short death is only a doorway leading to eternal life.  This death of the body brings to an end our life here on earth.  Our eternal existence continues by the life in our souls {Gods great gift to humanity} and at some future point, by Gods will, our souls will inhabit new immortal bodies.  Christian teaching tells us of two kingdoms in the afterlife Gods kingdom, and the domain of satin.  After judgement in which direction will we go. 

This will depend on how we chose to live our lives here on earth. God loves us and wants us to follow his ways, giving us every aid to help us stay on the road  to heaven.  The ways of this world will only lead to eternal damnation.  That choice is ours alone to make.  There is no freedom of choice after death.  It is my belief the church has been very slow to pick up on God’s judgement and the day of the last judgement. Every day we are told of Gods love and mercy of which i have no shadow of doubt.  Yet nothing is spoken of his justice.  Across the world millions are suffering great injustices, starvation, sickness, moral corruption, greed, power, etc, and only faith in God’s justice can this be reconciled.  Life on this earth is not easy for anyone especially Christians.  Never forget that every day of Christs public ministry was fraught with dangers.  Constant debates with the church of his time, healing of the sick, spiritual and body, teaching of the apostles and much more.  His love for us was matched by his commitment, endurance, and the ability to overcome hardships, devoting all his energy to the tasks allotted to him.  What can we do to follow Him.  Positive action is a must, no easy way, no short cuts.  We must lessen our desires for the things of this life and  focus on things of the next life.  If we are to give ourselves any chance of reaching heaven we must include God in our every day affairs.  If we say we love God we must attend mass as often as we deem possible and partake fully in the sacraments.  Prayer is Gods shield against evil.  The quality of prayer is more important than the quantity.  This is our insurance of eternal life, we have God’s solemn promise on this.  Without God there is only darkness and despair.  It would be unwise in times like ours to lose sight of the grim reality , that eternal loss is always with us.  All who turn to Christ will be saved.  It is up to us to turn from sin and humbly accept what God so gracefully offers us through His infinite love.  We must take courage and remember Christs climb to calvary .  He was spat upon, insults hurled at Him, beaten to the ground.  During all this Christ was comforted by a young woman (Veronica) offering Him a cup of water.  Our cups of water are our masses and our prayers to console Him in these evil times   


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