Thursday, 2 October 2014

THE      SILENCE      OF      THE      LAMB

Just stop for a moment and give some thought to this title.  Ponder on its meaning and see how much truth lies there in.  Is it possible, Christ’s is being silenced everywhere in the world.  Has the catholic church been so eroded by today’s world.  In the past, in all Christian countries, the strength of the church was able to curtail, governments of legislating anti Christ polices.  How different it is today.  A world where Christian ethics are outlawed by those whose aim is to destroy the catholic church worldwide.  This victory would lead to an anything goes society.  Abortion, compulsory civil marriages, promotion of immorality, take care of the strong and abandon the weak, cater for the rich by robbing the poor.  Anyone who is a liability or financial burden on the state would be isolated.  Sound familiar? It is.  They are the polices that enthroned Adolf Hitler to power, while the world stood idly by twiddling its thumbs.  The church, strong as it was then also kept silent.  The question i ask now, when is the church, worldwide going to wake up and address these evils that confronts us.  A strong spiritual revival is needed to combat evil no matter what the cost.  We can no longer stand idly by while millions of souls are being lost.  Strong leadership must come from the guardians of the flock, before they have to leave the one and go after the rest.  Depressing yes, but not hopeless.  Perhaps we need a few John the Baptists, or St Pauls, to invigorate our dying church.  To passionately act and preach of the great love and mercy our God has for His creatures by upholding the truth.  While Christ’s love can envelope us, we will never understand it.  For example, do children trust their parents because they have proved to themselves that they are trustworthy and desire to do so, or is it from the instinct of affection? We believe because we love, and that is the honest truth.  How can we encourage them who doubt this, to believe?  There are many who for various reasons have abandoned their faith.  All must come to terms that faith is the medium in which the soul sees Christ.  It is colourless, like air or water.  Unfortunately many are bent on holding it in their hands.  They substitute it for a feeling, a notion, sentimentally or an act of reason on which they indulge in or dote upon.  Rather, they aim at experiences within them than at Him who is beyond them.  In faith we must believe, Our Lord is truly and really present in the forms of bread and wine.  We do not know how, we have no parallel to the how in our experience.  We can only believe that he is present, not according to natural manner, but sacra mentally.  If the church can encourage the laity to unite in prayer for stronger faith, we will involve God more and more in world affairs and thus defeat the evil that enslaves us.  Without God we face total defeat of ourselves and our children.  Any catholic who profess their belief in God but do not pray daily is a contradiction in its very nature.  They are only fooling themselves. Throughout the old and new testaments, God decreed that the human race must pray daily.  To do so is the answer to the world’s problems and keep us on the road to salvation.  Prayer is not just a mumble of words that come out of our mouths.  It is the thoughts of our hearts that must be expressed by our words.  Prayer is a means to an end.  The end being that thoughts and words become actions.  In politics many countries strive for the unification of their nations.  In our church unity does not exist at parish level, parishes live in isolation of one another, all are detached from their spiritual centre :ROME:  Unification of the whole church needs to be addressed earnestly if our faith is to survive much longer.  Pray every day for unity, from pope to pauper.  Do not be silent, let Christ’s voice be heard through us everywhere in the world, (LOUDLY)


            GOD   BLESS                                 


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