Sunday, 19 October 2014

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At various times throughout my life and in all probability the lives of a great many Catholics i have tried to reason with my faith.  What is it that makes us believe, especially as there is no tangible evidence to subdue our reasoning?  Our instinctive notion of faith is the response to Gods divine presence in our souls.  A friendship of mutual love, of person to person.  A love that should incite us to be, caring and devoted to all souls.  It might be a duty, or it might be a merit, but faith cannot exist without hope.  If there is something we believe to be true, then we should not only say it, we must do it.  Living in modern times, unbelief is unavoidable in an age of intellect.  We must never forget, that with due consideration,       faith requires an act of will.  In an atmosphere where unbelief loudly speaks out, those who champion faith must also speak out loudly.  As falsehoods assail truth, truth must assail falsehoods, and we must pray for the courage to do so.  It’s frightening, that this world so shamefully fosters such low ambitions that sets everybody on the lookout for success.  To amass money, to gain power, never wavering in their quest for fame and fortune in whatever shape or form.  All this is done at the expense, of our most deepest thoughts, all that makes us holy and calm, weakening our moral values.  How then can we be persuaded of this great truth, in spite of its outward appearances, human society, as we find it, is but a part of an invisible world that is divided into two companies.  The children of God and the children of Satin.  That some souls are administered unto by angels, others led captive by devils.  This warfare has existed between the kingdom of light and the powers of darkness since the dawn of time.  Our allegiance to our God and His Blessed Mother must be supreme, no matter how we feel.  As often as we can we must witness openly on their behalf.  Great prayer is offered up daily by the millions of pilgrims who visit holy shrines all over the world.  This commitment to prayer must be sustained openly on their returning home,  as witnesses to the value of their journeys and a great encouragement to those who did not go.  The rewards of these actions and through the intersession of our Holy Mother, the Angels and the Saints, great graces have been poured out on the human race.  Yet much more is needed to combat the evils of this world.  Those pilgrims worldwide, returning from Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje Rome etc must unite in open and common prayer in catholic parishes worldwide.  This then will stand as a monument to the authenticity of their commitment to God and his Holy Mother as well as a pointer to the validity of all shrines.  If we need encouragement to do so just think of the many sons  and daughters (our brothers and sisters) of God being led astray by the powers of darkness using the lures of this world .  Do it for this if not for any other reason.  We owe it to God and to them to do so.  If we take time to digest the necessicity of prayer that protects our daily way of life, we should study the words of the Lord’s Prayer, evil all around us, likelihood of temptation, sin to be avoided, Gods will in our hearts, Gods name on our lips, Gods kingdom our hope.  This is the view it gives us to what it means to be a Christian.   

GOD BLESS                            

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