Friday, 11 April 2014

                                                    OUR   NEED   OF   CLEARER   TEACHING

Why are so many catholics in the western world, turning away from God and his church?  If our faith is to be universal, suited not simply to one locality or period, but to all times and places. It must develop a sense of right or wrong, the first element in religion.  The teachings of my early years were, that there were two roads open before us during our time on this earth.  The road of light that leads to heaven, and the road of darkness that leads to hell.  Sermons, prior to viaticum two, talked of, the love of God and the God of mercy and forgiveness. Rights and wrongs.  Many sermons contained the rewards of trying to live a holy life and the penalties for turning away from God.  Modern day teaching tells us of a God of infinite love, mercy and compassion, but nothing of a just God.  God is all these things, but one thing He is not, a love sick fool. This bears the question, what are we to believe.  With no clear teaching, many see no need to worship God or attend mass, or avail themselves of the sacraments.  They feel free to pursue the things of this life, while ignoring the graces which enhances their spiritual growth.  No need of confession as we have no sins to confess.  Due to our busy schedules Sunday mass is an option that is if we have the time.  Unfortunately this belief is being acted out in many countries in the western world.  The great tragedy of this, parents pass this thinking onto their children.  Not only do the parents and their families suffer but our faith is the biggest loser of all.  With no clear teaching of what is expected of the followers of Christ and no knowledge of the consequences of failing to do so.  They mill about life like lost sheep.  False Gods now rule the earth.  The idols of SPORT, SOAPS, POP MUSIC, TALENT SHOWS, GAME SHOWS etc.  Hundreds of thousands are flocking before them in awe and adoration. 

How weary and thankless it is, the task that faces OUR HOLY FATHER POPE FRANCIS and all the clergy who follow him.  Without the full co-operation of the laity the catholic faith is in danger of disappearing from many countries in today’s modern world.  Christs words in Lukes gospel (18- 8) when the Son Of Man returns will he find any faith on earth.  Those words sound very ominous today; Catholics must stand up for their faith and be counted.  Declare it with courage and compassion, and condemn evil with vigour.  A note of caution, do not be afraid to condemn all evil acts, but do not judge those who commit them.  We do not the depth of any person other than ourselves.  That judgement is for God alone, who is the God of justice. 

If we put our trust in God, in His Blessed Mother, the angels and the saints, we will win through in the end, (but at what cost).  That will depend on our co-operation with GOD.  We must keep in mind Christ’s words that still apply to this day.  He reminds us of his greatest rival MONEY the root of all our evils.  Christs challenge to us, we must serve one and hate the other, 


                        GOD BLESS YOU                 


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