Wednesday, 2 April 2014

      NO    TIME

Our lives are so squashed up, the world seems to be rushing by.  All hurry – scurry, no time to reflect on God.  Life is so chock – a – block, not a minute to spare.  We have become forgetful of the things that matter most.  Things more important than missing an episode of your favourite soap, foot-ball match, e t c.  YOUR  SOUL.  If we are going to rush about for anything at all let it be for love of God and love of neighbour.  Here is a thought to ponder.  To try to understand how one drop of water means so much.  Drops mingle, trickle into rivulets, flow into streams, run into rivers, empty into oceans.  So with each drop of love i can give when mingling with others love, becomes a stream, runs into rivers, a torrent to fill the face of the earth.  The worth of every drop of love, so precious in the giving, encourage everyone to do so , making this world a better place to live in.   

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