Friday, 23 January 2015


   Such a small word made up of only seven letters yet it is of great significance in the depth of its meaning.  Dating back to before the fall of mankind.  Mindset, or otherwise, to set your mind on anyone or anything.  In time this usually happens without our being aware of it.  When humanity resided in paradise, we were fully focused on God and his holy will.  We know via biblical history Adam was approached by the leader of a higher ranked creative beings called angels, better known today as Satan.  He was of the highest rank in the angelic creation.  Though he had everything, he encouraged one third of the angels to rebel against God.  His intentions, to remove God, and take His place.  Due to the many angels who remained loyal to God, Satan and his followers were defeated and banished from heaven for all eternity.  Because of his defeat, his hatred for God and all that belongs to God, especially the human race, exists to this very day.  Unfortunately he was able to persuade Adam and the rest of humanity to change their minds and rebel against God which led to our banishment from heaven.  We must never forget and always be thankful to the love, mercy, and understanding of our God our banishment was not permanent.  Yet God kept a relationship with Adam and his descendants, encouraging them to keep focused on Him and the place they had come from.  This mindset was carried on down through the ages, via, Abraham, Moses, Joseph etc.  God promised a savour would come, repay mans debt and reconcile man with God.  A saviour who would reopen the gates of heaven to all souls who would to listen His word, and obey His will.  With the coming of Christ, this promise was fulfilled.  From its apostolic origin, the catholic church has remained faithful to Christ’s teaching, encouraging all to keep focused on God and our spiritual destiny.  Tragically in the last one hundred years the church has become weaker and so has our faith.  In today’s world, Satan appears to be winning battle after battle, for control of our hearts and minds.  All that Christ and His church have taught us seems to have been discarded in favour of the things of this world.  Our mindset is absorbed by, money power, TVs, internet etc.  Morally we have turned this world into a toxic wasteland.  Know this, Satan cannot make us bad, but he can make us busy, so busy we have no time for God.  A great spiritual battle still rages around us between God and Satan for the hearts and minds of all souls.  I believe we have come to a most critical time in our existence.  With most of the worlds communication aids at his back and call, he has reached into every home in western society and has control of their mindsets.  Prayer is the safe guard to all who remain faithful to God and will be safe under His protection.  This evil will only be defeated by the intervention of God Himself.  This i believe is inevitable.  What is most frightening, at what cost to the human race will this action bring.  We must listen to our Blessed Mothers appeal to the church worldwide, repent, change your mind set and pray more often, especially family prayer.  Ask yourselves this question, what is it worth to me to keep my children out of hell?  In these daunting times we must involve God more in our daily lives and learn to trust more in His love and His mercy and pray for the graces to see us through.  All else must be a poor second.



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