Wednesday, 10 December 2014

                 THE      BEAUTY     OF     MOTHERHOOD

Numerous titles have been bestowed on our Blessed Mother throughout the ages.  But of all the titles ever attributed to her, either by the angels or human beings, pale into insignificance in the light of one title, MOTHER OF GOD, given to her by the creator off all life, God Himself.  Then what wonder, what beauty, what splendour is encompassed in the title of motherhood.  Every woman blessed by the gift of bringing forth life, should be honoured and respected by all humanity.  Regrettable as it is, this modern world however, has dishonoured, degraded, and turned the female form into objects of desire, lust, to be used or abused, to further its own ends, of a corrupt, unscrupulous world, filled with an obsession for power, greed, and control.  This blog is a response to an incident i saw on the national T. V. News concerning a young mother who was breast feeding her infant child in the premises of Clarridges Hotel.  She was approached by the hotels manager, who requested, could she cover up the action she was doing as it was unsettling to many of the clientele using the hotel.  In an act of courtesy, he acquired a table cloth to assist her.  His Explanation was that it was in line with Clarridges policy.  I have a query to put to this manager? Has he ever observed the females who frequent his hotels and discos especially at week-ends?  If he had done so, and carried out hotel policy, he would have been compelled to refuse entry to at least seventy per cent of them due to the mode of clothing they were wearing.  As in all probability they were revealing more of their breasts than this young mother was revealing.  This blog, i must state, is not to criticise modern day fashion or how women dress.  It is a criticism of the failure of the hotel, to explain, was it the showing of her breast, which was not evident on T.V or the sight of a young baby feeding that is against hotel policy that promoted him to take this action.  And what did the customers find offensive, the revealing of her breast, the baby feeding, or both.  How can any normal society accept this as justifiable behaviour? Yet deem breast feeding in public uncomfortable.  The western world allegedly champions the cause of human rights and moral standards but everyone knows this to be farcical as it is well known that it is the monetary system that set the standards.    We as Christians have to depend on our churches and its shepherds for leadership and guidance, but in recent years they have become silent on many serious matters that concern the laity.  Reasons that is known only to themselves.  In a sense we have almost been deserted.  I believe that their concerns for worldly aims is at the detriment of spiritual growth.  The failure of all Christian sects to unite as one in this battle against evil unnerves me.  Any more failure to act will only drive home the final nails in the coffin of Christianity.  This act of disrespect to motherhood and many other evils is affront in the eyes of God.  We profess our love for God but we fail to show it.  We must wake up to Gods will and his teachings and start to act before it is too late.  Christ will be victorious in the end.  We must be determined to share in that victory or lose every thing


GOD BLESS EVERYONE                       


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