Tuesday, 23 September 2014

               THE        FOUR        LAST         THINGS

Knowledge of the last four things must be examined by all Catholics, to enhance the spiritual well being of their lives.  The church, for some obscure reason appears to avoid these topics.  So by the lack of information it devalues their existence.  One possible reason for this is that the laity, by dwelling to long on them bring about fear and anxiety.  It is important that we are well informed about them.  I agree we should not linger to long on them.  So what are the four last things.  Death, Judgement, Heaven, Hell.  Upsetting, yes, but we must not be afraid of events that are certain to come about.  We know very little about death, except, for Catholics it is the gateway to eternal life.  On arrival we will have to give an account, to God, of how we lived our lives here on earth, and be judged on their merits.  The outcome of that judgement is known only to God.  All verdicts will be revealed on judgement day.  True fact is, the belief in future punishment will not pass away without it causing a grave injustice to our Creator.  By ignoring it we weaken our faith in God.  The doctrine of atonement also suffers when future punishment is tampered with, as it was Christ who took the place of man to atone for our sins.  How will this doctrine stand if final punishment is denied.  Everyone who escapes eternal death does so by the virtue of the atonement.  So great a price was paid for that undertaking supposes an unimaginable debt.  If the need be denied will not the sacrifice be unthinkable.  A word of caution, it is not wise to get to precise in our thinking, it is enough to know that before God our fate, a destiny that cannot be fully imagined or understood in this life.  The judgement of God is carried out in perfect justice, perfect knowledge, and perfect mercy and all verdicts are final.  This knowledge should bring hope to all peoples of the world as we ponder the evils of this world today.  To know that, no matter what, true justice will prevail.  Sadly it seems as if humanity is on a collision course with its Creator.  By its evil and depraved mentality, the world is suffering wars, famines, drug abuse, and sexual abuse worldwide and an anti Christ philosophy that enters every home via the media, T.V, INTERNET, etc.  However the many faithful who persevere in the love and the service of God must take heart from what is written in this blog.  God’s mercy will see us home.  Every human being since the dawn of time till the end of time will have to give an account of how they lived their lives here on earth, even down to the very hairs on their head, answerable to God for their actions.  What of the others who refuse to listen?  Well they are taking a big risk by ignoring Gods love and His mercy.  They must give serious thought to change their lives while they still can.  God’s love and mercy is open to every soul up to the moment of death.  In all honesty, it is too serious to gamble on waiting till the very end for anyone to change.  In fact its eternal suicide.  The church and the faithful must focus their prayers and their actions towards the salvation of lost souls.  Without final judgement all lives are in complete.  We have forgotten how to look ahead.  How can we claim our lives have dignity if we are held accountable for nothing.  In a way to deny judgement is subtly to deny God.  Our aim must be to regain our firm trust in Jesus, His mercy, His love, and live the way He taught us.  The reward for this commitment is eternal life in HEAVEN.              


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